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Downgraded to Python 2.7.1? How did that happen?

So I was doing some work on my home computer tonight which involved a little bit of Python hacking in Windows. At one point I wanted to make sure that I had a certain library installed such that it was accessible to the script I was working with, so naturally I opened up an interpreter and tried importing it. It failed, which surprised me since I had just finished using pip to install it and no errors occurred.

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Debian on Android and my quest for a full-fledged terminal Python IDE

So when I recently discovered that my Asus Transformer Prime has Python on it, but that it only has version 2.6.2 and is missing some needed libraries, I could tell that setting up a sweet Python programming environment was going to be possible, but a little longer road than I thought it was going to be. Here’s how I successfully overcame multiple obstacles to get things working.

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Pydroid at last!

Well, hello there, my little friend! So good to see you where I had given up hope you would ever be:

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