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Downgraded to Python 2.7.1? How did that happen?

So I was doing some work on my home computer tonight which involved a little bit of Python hacking in Windows. At one point I wanted to make sure that I had a certain library installed such that it was accessible to the script I was working with, so naturally I opened up an interpreter and tried importing it. It failed, which surprised me since I had just finished using pip to install it and no errors occurred.

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The Internet is so awesome (in case you didn’t already know)

  • 2012-08-22

As I usually do, I was reading up on some tech blogs during my lunch today, and I came across two articles from Engadget that made me stop and ponder how cool it is that you can do so much without going anywhere.

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Debian on Android and my quest for a full-fledged terminal Python IDE

So when I recently discovered that my Asus Transformer Prime has Python on it, but that it only has version 2.6.2 and is missing some needed libraries, I could tell that setting up a sweet Python programming environment was going to be possible, but a little longer road than I thought it was going to be. Here’s how I successfully overcame multiple obstacles to get things working.

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Pydroid at last!

Well, hello there, my little friend! So good to see you where I had given up hope you would ever be:

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OpenVPN Update: Fixed!

I finally had time to really do some more troubleshooting on the OpenVPN problem I recently posted about. After trying some of the same old things to get the server to be able to access the Internet and have the VPN service running at the same time, I decided it was time to purge the installation and start fresh:

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Troubles with OpenVPN in Ubuntu 12.04

Update: Check out my solution to the problem described below.

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Risk Intelligence: Get better at seeing the future without the two Strawberry Nirvanas

  • 2012-05-16

Here’s a well-known fact: It’s against human nature to be very good at guessing what’s going to happen, whether in the realm of world events, stock prices, personal relationships, or the reliability of your work (read: how good your code is). As a recent Wall Street Journal article on risk intelligence pointed out:

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First Post

  • 2012-05-15

Welcome to my blog! The purpose of my entries will be to record my thoughts, discoveries, and progress as I take on new projects, research new topics, and generally seek to improve myself professionally and personally. I hope you find some of my entries of interest or of help in your own life.

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